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My name is Marcelina Slabuszewska. I’m a graphic designer/ creative generalist/ artist based in the UK. I have a BA degree in graphic design from the University for Creative Arts (UCA).

I’m interested in branding, illustration, print and digital design. I love working with colour, translating concepts into visuals and that electrifying feeling you get when the right idea hits you.

I received a First Class Diploma for my work throughout the university. My graduation project “Forma Art Gallery Brand” was shortlisted for ARTSTHREAD Global Design Graduation Show 2021. I got accepted and took part in the 7th Wix Playground Academy.

With a head full of ideas and a heart big with passion, my goal is to work with inspiring individuals I can learn from and create exciting projects together.

Eclectic mind

I draw inspiration from diverse sources around me and believe everything is connected. 


green tea

sunny day strolls

collecting stones and crystals

I'm obsessed with 

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